• Username: SirKnightBJ
    Age: 29
    Current Country: United States
    How i found Stonebound: FTB server list
    History of bans or lying of age: No

    Hi, yes I'm among one of the older players. I've been playing MC since the beta days. It was a simpler time back then. Now you crazy kids got them newfangled mods and whatnot. I'm just kidding I've been playing FTB since I found myself addicted to Monster and the Tekkit packs before that. Anyway, I usually play alone since FTB servers tend to be a bit derpy. I haven't played on many servers since I was an admin on a small hacked vanilla server Called KeiNet (KeiCraft at the time) that turned into a massive 4000+ player hacked server overnight. I found myself the owner of the community's sub Monster ftb server and my playing/moderating/bug fix time became out of control and I became a very unproductive member of IRL society. So I quit MC servers and now after several years of MC seclusion, I'm back and interested in trying out new servers. Oh yeah... BJ are my initials, not an abbreviation for something unseemly. Get your head out of the gutter!


  • Helper

    Hey BJ,
    thanks for your interest in joining us, we're more than happy to have you here!
    I'd say most of us in the community are mature and laid back, so you'll fit right in, however I can't guarantee that nobody will make use of the ambiguity of your initials..
    Hope you enjoy coming back to MC on our servers, and looking forward to meeting you soon!

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