• Username: SladeMMXII
    Age: 15 years old
    Current country: Ukraine
    How I found Stonebound: List of FTB servers
    History of bans or lying of age: No

    Before I talk about myself I would like to ask a few questions.
    How many points would you give to your community in terms of adequacy? (0-100).
    How many times a year will the world be purified?
    How many people are playing on your servers and what is their activity?

    I love mods related to magic and automation.I was born in Ukraine in October 2002. I know English not very well but I continue to teach him. My story about how I learned minecraft begins with the way I came to a friend on a visit. He played then in a minecraft and it looked to me like a horror game for my 11 year old eyes because he was sitting in a cave and the spider jumped on him and my friend screamed. After some time I decided to install a game of minecraft thereafter 4 months passed very quickly. My hobby is metal, woodworking and a bit of knife sharpening (if you want I can post a photo of my shiny tourist ax). We with a friend (HardweYT) are looking for a normal cozy server without 10 year old kids who threaten to kill me. We do not want to play on Russian servers, because there are a lot of inadequate people there.

    It would be very nice if you would accept us with a friend on the server.
    Best Regards SladeMMXII

    P.S. Google translator helped me.

  • Helper

    Hi Slade!
    Thank you for applying for our community, you may also join our servers from now on. I hope you and your friend enjoy playing with us, maybe you can improve your language here, we have plenty of native speakers and I'm sure I've learnt a lot from them so far.
    And do not worry, Stonebound is high up on the world's ranking of community adequacy with a score of 99.95% !
    Revelation has been up since last December and will probably be reset in about two weeks, so currently not a lot of action.
    But I suggest to keep an eye on our announcements, where we will be posting more info about the reset and a new pack pretty soon.
    Hope this helps, see you around!

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