• minecraft nickname: HardweYT
    age: 14
    I live in Russian Federation.
    I found your site through the list of FTB servers.
    History of bans or lying of age: No

    My hobby is to write different stories and upload them on the Internet, I like to walk on cool evenings. I was born in the city of Kaluga in April 2003. I love online games, including Minecraft. I like the mods associated with engineering and construction. I started playing Minecraft from 11 years old. In 2014 I found a video on Youtube, I did not remember the name, but I remember how 3 guys built a huge house, and then went to the Void to kill Gust. After that, I watched a few more videos, and I was interested in this game. A month later, I finally bought this game and played for so long. Now I'm with my friend SladeMMXII stumbled upon an assembly of FTB revelations and would like to play on one server, since playing solo is very boring. I would be very glad if you could add me to your white list 🙂 P.S. I hope you do not mind that I'm from Russia.

  • Helper

    Heyo Hardwe,
    thanks for your application, you're welcomed to join the community! We don't mind your heritage at all, we're happy to have people from anywhere as long as we're able to communicate. 😉
    You've been added to the white-list, enjoy playing on Stonebound with your friend!

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