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    Hello Carter!
    Thanks for your interest in joining Stonebound, we've gone ahead and added you to our white-list.
    I'd say our community is quite relaxed, so you'll fit right in!

    Regarding your questions,
    The current FTB Revelations map opened shortly before Christmas Eve last year, so it's been around for a good while.
    However there is a map reset inbound in about two weeks, so new players can join in with a fresh start.
    Our white-list is quite lengthy since players from two years ago will still be welcome and are therefore still listed on it,
    hard to say how many active players we have at the time, since many of them will come back once the reset happened or new servers open up. Difficulty is on hard, useful commands are /spawn /home and /rtp.

    Hope this helps, see you around!

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