• Username: Sky_Godd
    Age: 22
    Current Country: United States
    How i found Stonebound: FTB server list
    History of bans or lying of age: No

    My favorite Mod would be be a tie with Applied Energestics 2, chisels and bits, or thermal expansion. I love to automate things in the game, no matter how simple the task, in real life i like to skydive, hints the name Sky_Godd. Been Playing Minecraft since Alpha but have only recently joined the modded community and have learned so much over the past few weeks. I still love to go old school and just build when i get the chance! side note, I am also in the military! Just looking for a server of active players that are not 12 year old little kids threatening to do bad things to my mom... Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Staff

    Hey Sky_Godd,
    thanks a lot for your application! You've been white-listed, so you can dive right into our servers when you feel like it.
    Hope you have a great time here, looking forward to meeting you!

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