• IGN: sawtes
    Age: 19

    About my Minecraft experience: I played a lot of infinity in another server but the server went down so did all of my progress. I didn't play for a while but now I think im ready to play again. The server I was in had no security measures and still nothing got stolen and 1 time it did, it was because of a new player. So, i prefer collaborating with other players, share bases if they want. Im looking forward to playing with yall if you do accept me.
    I found this server on FTB.

    Kind regards,

  • Hey there, read through and everything you said checks out, added you to the white-list so go forth, make friends and bases and have fun! hop in the teamspeak and talk. feel free to contact any of the admins if you need any help with anything.

  • Turns out my account was stolen so this is my new IGN: vladeks

  • Okay well I just removed Sawtes from the white-list and added vladeks to the white-list so feel free to join on the server on that

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