• Age: 28
    Country: USA
    How I found Stonebound: Server listing in game
    I have never been banned nor have I ever had to lie about my age. I play many different games including but not limited to ARK Survival Evolved, Life Is Feudal: MMO, 7 Days to Die, Modded Minecraft from the beginning all the way up until my break when 1.7.10 became the old. I was a huge Reikas Mods fan. I love to build and quest. At this moment I am looking for a pack/community to bring back my love for Minecraft seeing as I have SOOOO many hours invested into the game already. I look forward to your decision and who knows, I may know a few others to bring along for the ride if this all pans out.


  • Helper

    Hello Miles, and welcome to Stonebound!
    Thanks for your interest and application, we've gone ahead and added you to our white-list. (Apologies for the delay)
    Hope you can immerse back into the game with our community and have fun spending time here.
    Looking forward to meeting you!

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