• I am a 20 year old male from UK, England. I found your server through the ingame menu on the modpack's client, after having your servers suggested by a friend.

    I used to play almost exclusively on DevcoFTB's servers (I was an admin here for a long time). I haven't played a whole lot since then (roughly the release of 1.10) and was looking for a place to "get back into things". I have never lied about my age in the entire length of time I have been playing modded/unmodded minecraft. I generally play either on my own or with one or two friends (one of these already plays on your servers AFAIK).

    I think I would be beneficial to your servers bevause of my vast knowledge of both mods and plugins (obviously this swings more to the mods). I always aim to help people as much as I can, and throughout my time staffing Devco I learnt a lot of niche, unique features of mods toying about in spare time.

    Once I have enough resources I generally always put something into community projects, though it depends on themes and such.

    I initially started playing minecraft back when ftb Ultimate was first released. I can't remember the name of the server off the top of my head but this is when I became 'hooked' on modded minecraft. The semi-complexness of gregtech drew me in as there was always something new to learn.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

    iKrax (Jordan).

    Edit: Added more details as I felt it was a lil short.

  • Helper

    Hello Jordan, and welcome to Stonebound!
    You're invited to 'get back into things' on our servers and reunite with one of your buddies. It's always lovely to have people who are interested in community projects and/or helping out others at times. Therefore, feel free to join in anytime and I hope you enjoy playing with us!

  • @simibubi Thank you for accepting my request 🙂 Hopefully I'll see you around

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