• Hello! I'm from the united states of American and am 19 years old. I've been playing ftb modpacks for years now and it still is entertaining to this day. I found you guys on ftbservers.com and you guys look like you know what your doing so I checked ya out. I like the whitelisting part because you don't allow everyone in and you guys actually read the applications. I've never been banned and I'm true to my age. I'm a competitive surfer on the east coast of florida, believe I'm 13th on the east coast? Can't remember but its around that area. Hope you guys like the application! I hope I can join.

  • Helper

    Hello david, and welcome back!
    You applied already, back in 2016, so you're free to join us anytime, on any server.
    Anyway, enjoy your time here, good to have you back.

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