• Hi good afternoon, Im from the United States of America and am 19 years old Minecraft was one of the first few games i started playing on PC and is still something i really enjoy to play. I found your guys server though a friend of mine that was browsing the online server for FTB and thought your guys server was one of the better ones, and i love how you guys have an application everyone goes though and that you guys care about the type of people who play on your server and i really appreciate it! Throughout my game play of minecraft i have not been banned or lied about my age. On my free time i enjoy riding my 2016 CRF250R Dirtbike, and riding Scooters as i have since a kid, and driving and working on cars. Back when i was younger i started out playing video games on a Nintendo 64 and a super Nintendo which was my favorite thing to do, this has evolved into me still enjoying playing videos on my PC and xbox one. I also work a full time job as a construction inspector and am fourtunate to have an enjoyable job. Thank you for spending your time to review my application.

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  • Helper

    Hello, Inspector Christensen!
    Thanks a lot for the application, we're happy to welcome you to our community.
    Hope we prove to be an enjoyable server to you and your friends, if not, let us know!
    Anyway, have a good time, looking forward to meeting you.

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