• 17, USA , I found you from my friends(usmc2000 and DR_christensen ) we are requesting to join this server because we want to start up a play through on the new ftb mod pack revelation. I got into Minecraft when it was in beta a while ago. My favorite mod pack is draconic but I'm gonna try new stuff I've done draconic evolution and RF power in basically all my play through's . some of my hobbies in this game are exploring mining and making stuff automated. also I have no bans on Ftb. my acceptance to this would mean a lot I would abide by the rules and read through them diligently all I'm looking for is a nice server to play on and have a dandy time.

  • Helper

    Hello bossaru.
    I've gone ahead and added you (and your friends) to our whitelist, so you can start playing with them on our servers.
    Hope you like being a part of our community and have a good time.

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