• Hello, my name is Yuval, i am 16 years old , from israel. i found out about the server through @Gil3344 , @Tont_FTW and @D_C_H .
    I have no bans or anything, and i am generly friendly when it comes to community intercations.
    I got into Minecraft in the beta or alpha stages(cant remember it was long ago) and played with breaks ever since.
    I fiddeld around with some modpacks in the past but never played in a server, so that is one on the reasons i am applying.
    My favorite mod is probably and uncommon one- Mrcrayfishe's furniture mod.
    would be really cool if you will let me join your server.

  • Donator

    The more the merrier!
    He's pretty helpful anyway
    Would love if you could accept him as well.

  • Hello Yuval! Thank you for your patinece.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun with your friends! :D

  • @cptgraphi Will do! Thanks!

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