• Hey my name is Daniel, I'm 15 years old (16 in a month), I'm relatively new to modpacks (played a few though), I'm from Israel, I found the server through @gil3344 and @Tont_FTW , favorite thing to in mc is redstone (I once held a world record, not sure if I still do) .
    I don't really have a favorite mod (as I said earlier, relatively new to them), but I enjoyed messing around with machinery (it's like redstone but BETTER).
    If you could accept me into your server that would be awesome:D

  • Donator

    Would love another pair of hands to help build and progress 🙏

  • Hello Daniel! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun playing with your friends! 😄

  • sure will 😄

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