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  • I'm going to just start posting random pictures taken on the server here. Feel free to post your's as well. 😄

    Mr. Derpy like to pose for pictures.

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    Moved to General Discussion because this is Minecraft related.

    Looking forward to seeing other screenshots of the server!
    Maybe I'll hop on soon and take a few myself.

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    I can see the Cola advertisement on the back x3

  • Come here and have a fish, I promise I won't hurt you....

  • 0_1458085183668_2016-03-15_13.25.54.png
    I'm here with Villager #43 and Villager #86 as they report a breaking news story.


    It appears as though a large portion of the city of Sokovia has lifted up and started flying.

  • Figured I should post some pictures before I try setting up the draconic reactor (just in case it goes south)
    Also if anyone wants a HUD like I have in my upper left corner I can make a custom one for you with computercraft,
    just come talk to me about what is possible to put on it. You can combine with any helmet (supposedly)
    2_1458450523957_2016-03-20_00.06.18.png 1_1458450523956_2016-03-20_00.06.10.png 0_1458450523956_2016-03-20_00.05.59.png

  • A picture while working on a project with logic...

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    FIrst base, Overview of Farms and Ore processing

    Steam power! Fed by Emerald Tree farm
    alt text

    Ore Processing -
    alt text

    Logistics pipe ran Reactors - Making that iridium ore!
    alt text

    New Base!
    alt text

    Main Area
    alt text

    AE room!
    alt text

    Autocrafting Area
    alt text

    Cursed Earth Mob Essence Farm
    alt text

    Feeding my Spanner area -
    alt text

    Power room (almost have a creative cell!
    alt text
    alt text

    Bees and Magic
    (no much progress - here!)
    alt text

    Thanks for looking at my base! Totally a fun pack, lookin forward to a fresh start on a new map.

    Post a tour of ur base!!

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