• I'm 33 and live 45 mins north of Toronto, Canada. Found your server while browsing for a revelations server to play on in the FTB servers site. Never been banned and never lied about my age. Looking for a small community interested in creating and showing off their creations. I'm a father of 2 kids and a full time IT professional so my hours are usually put in at night when they go to bed and I'm not working. I like experimenting with mods I don't know much about and trying to automate stuff like storage and crafting, making Applied Energistics my favorite mod. I have run servers in the past, this time I'm just looking to have less responsibility and just craft!

  • Helper

    Hey Crossraid!
    Thanks for your application, I've added you to our white-list, apologies for the delay.
    Enjoy playing on the server and I hope to meet you soon!

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