• Age: 17
    IGN: ReignOfFROZE
    Country/Location: Florida, USA
    History of Bans: None to speak of (Yet, that is 😛 (I'm only joking (No really, I'm only joking. (nervous laugh)))) -- In all seriousness, I've never been banned.
    Lying About My Age: No need to, I'm 17 and that's a fact

    How I Got Into Minecraft: Hmm... That's a good question. To be totally honest, I don't really remember. I believe it all started when I was a little kid going over to my friend's houses and they had Minecraft. It was a ton of fun to me, and I loved the concept of the game. I didn't want to pay for the game, however, and I decided to "pirate" the game off the internet and play it that way. Then, I started to get into mods, messing around with things like Too Many Items at first, then adding mods like IndustrialCraft to my client. Of course, this was back in 1.2.5 so there weren't many mods to play with. I then found Equivalent Exchange 2, and I loved the idea of automation. It was the best thing in the world to me, and I loved the idea that I could make all of these really hard tasks from before extremely easy. Then, I got into Tekkit Classic and loved that. Now here we are, 6 years later, and I'm still loving the game.
    My Favorite Mod: This would have to be Applied Energistics 2, I love everything that has to do with automation and AE2 allows you to do all of that with elegant computer systems that hold all of your items and control your entire base (And your life, once you become dependent on it).
    Favorite Things to Do:
    Ingame: Automate everything. From milking a cow to crafting the most complicated items in the game, I want to automate it all.
    IRL: Skiing. While I may be from Florida, I love to ski and I go skiing every single chance I get. You can ask any of my friends IRL what comes to mind when they think of me and I'm willing to bet that they'll all say "Skiing."
    Other Hobbies/Interests: Aside from gaming and skiing, I'm a proud owner of two businesses. I pride myself on the fact that I'm a young entrepreneur. I love working for myself, it allows me to do what I love to do, but make money doing it. As for what the businesses are, one is a booking company for boat charters in my local area, and the other is a website design business where I design websites for local individuals and companies.

    Thank you for considering me,


  • Helper

    Heyo Reign,
    thank you for your application! I live right by the Alps, but whenever I go skiing, I prefer the slow and easy slopes...
    You've been white-listed, have fun automating all the things on our servers and be sure to get to know the community while you're at it. See you around! :3

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