• Hi, my Minecraft tag is Isaac_Dial
    I am 18 and from Australia.
    Just finished high school and about to start uni. I heard about the forum through my dad who has been playing for a while on the community servers.
    I started playing Minecraft years ago and have been playing on many different modpacks including revelations, beyond, and infinity.
    I am a keen gamer and play lots of league of legends, battlefield, pubg, terraria, and fortnite online. I am just a relaxed anti-conflict happy go lucky type. Just keen to play online with others without the hassle of running my own server.
    I have never been banned or suspended on any MC servers or any other online games.

  • Staff

    Hey Isaac_Dial!

    Best of luck with uni!

    I'm always down for messing around in battlefield if you're ever bored. 😛

    Thank you for your interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist!

    Hope to see you soon,

  • thank you. looking forward to it

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