• Hi all, it's been a long time since I've played, but I'm looking to get back into MC and find a small friendly server community that me and my boyfriend (FadedxKai) could play together on. So, here goes I guess... I'm 21, living in Canada, eh. I found Stonebound through a FTB server listing site browsing for a small server where we could build something we could be proud of. I've been playing MC for a pretty long time, and I'm sure I haven't been banned anywhere as of yet.

    I used to run a little community called SquareOneMC a while back. It started just as a private vanilla server, then ftb server, and then a small public skyblock server... it's closed and reopened a few times in the past, but now in my old age I just don't have the energy for managing servers anymore 😛 I'd love to just sit back, build and not have to worry about anything other than why my sorting system isn't sorting or why the quarry isn't quarrying... I love building functional things, trying to compact them as much as possible, and then making them look pretty... Sometimes I'll get lost in it all for a few hours...

    Lemme know if theres anything more I can say about myself. Really appreciate your consideration. ^-^

    Thanks a bunch,

    Here's a bonus picture of a house I made, nothing fancy... just one of the only pictures I could find of anything I've built really... 😄

  • Helper

    Hey Moose,
    what a cozy looking home you had there!
    You've been added to the white-list and I'll be sure to have a look at your friends' app in just a second.
    Have fun playing on Stonebound!

  • Thanks so much @simibubi ! Appreciate it 🙂 Looking forward joining the community! 😄

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