• Hello, my IGN is Duration4, but you can call me Dura, duration, or Gabe if you would like. I'm 16 pushing 17 in a few days, and i live in the US. I've had a long and storied history with MC, but i'll try to summate it in a few sentences. I found out about MC when i was around 12, and I started with the pocket edition (suprisingly enough) and i bought the PC version a few months later. I never got into PC at first, and Xbox was big then so i played with my friends on there. After that, my new friends found out about servers, and that's what really got me into the community. I've been on countless servers with most likely upwards of about 2000 hours of experience on vanilla, servers, and modded. If i were to pick a favorite mod of mine, it would probably be Ender IO. It's the perfect mix of content, art style, and mostly balance. Sorry if that was a bit long, but as you may see, I'm very passionate about this game. I also would like to say that I appreciate the need for such an application, as finding genuine people on MC is a bit hard these days. Anyways, I hope you consider my application, and either way i hope you have a good day.

  • Helper

    Hi Gabe,
    thanks for your application, and don't worry about the length, we love to see people that put effort into their introduction.
    I've added you to our white-list, hope you enjoy spending time with our community!
    See you then, and have a good day!

  • Cool! I'll be on in a few minutes 🙂

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