• Hi, my name is Aaron, I live in Canada, and I have no known bans or accounts of lying about my age. I'm 20 years old (turning 21 in May) and I'm an all around chill guy who is fun to hang around with, I'm also laid back and a kind person. I've had minecraft for about 7 years and haven't been playing it a lot recently (I have however played a lot of minecraft and modded minecraft overall). I wanted to check out what the current mod scene is like and found this server on a server list website after a quick google search. I like to make things, I graduated from college for Electromechanical Engineering Technician. I like to sing, play guitar and obviously play videogames. My favourite mod was Thaumcraft but the creator stopped working on it due to life and it has fallen out of version so I don't really have a favourite mod yet. I really enjoy building in minecraft as well as adventure and exploring new things to figure out and solve.

    P.S. As a post script after reading other applications, you can find probably everything about me with the username Redbarony6, if you would like any help my full name is Aaron Hylands. I don't really have any problems with people finding out who I am so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    P.P.S Post post script, after reading more applications I would just like to say that I love how ruthless you guys are, it's really a welcoming sight to see that the staff here are passionate about making a quality community, so kudos to you guys.

  • Helper

    Hey Aaron, and welcome to Stonebound!
    You've been white-listed to all of our servers, so feel free to join anytime.
    I'm also glad to tell you that Thaumcraft is actually making a comeback and there's already a beta version for Minecraft 1.10,
    which we're hosting for people to play around with it. But the 1.12 modding scene surely has a lot to discover as well.
    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you, see you around!

  • @simibubi
    Hey, sweet! I just so happened to be on the forum here checking if I got accepted or not. Can't wait to see you guys in-game!

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