• Hi! My name is JayPaul or Jay, whatever works for you and I am 16 years old, currently in the USA. I began to look for modded servers for the Revelation pack quite recently as I finished up Infinity Evolved with a group of friends and wanted to go to the more updated side of things. I got into Minecraft around 2013, usually went with a lot of vanilla survival until I discovered modded, once I went into that... well lets just I was up quite a lot everyday just learning new things and enjoying myself. My favorite mod.. quite the hard decision honestly, but I would say most recently it'd have to be Tinkers Construct 2 or Superheroes Unlimted 6.0 that will be released in a few months (Hopefully). Favorite things to do in game is just automated crafting with Applied Energistics, Refined Storage, and Logistics Pipes. Other hobbies in real life include hanging out with friends, working on homes, and just making people laugh!

    Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on the server! 😄

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information between what you have told us and what we have found.
    While we do not approve of nor condone lying, we understand that people change and would like to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    If you could give a reason why you have your age listed as 24 here (http://www.funnyjunk.com/user/jaypaul) that would be appreciated.

    Also, please could I ask why you have what seems to be two active minecraft accounts

    Sorry for the hassle,

  • Well, my friend Noah suggested Funnyjunk years ago and I tried it out and never liked it, so I most likely set it as a high age because I was unsure as to what content it would limit me to on there.

    Also, the secondary account was given away a few weeks ago to a friend who recently got a new computer, that's why the name is JacobiZX I think?

  • Staff

    Hello JayPaul,

    Unfortunately on further inspection I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your application.

    We do not appreciate lieing, and the following statement cannot be true as you have frequently used the account listed, last logged in 3 days ago.

    We thank you for your interest in the server, and wish you the best of luck in finding a community more suitable for you.

  • I mean, I am not lying.. it's a friends account, not mine. Literally just told him to change the email and password on it and he did, but alright.

  • @maskj003 Also, even if I did have another account, how could that effect anything? The server is whitelisted.. and I can assure you my friend will not apply here as he is too busy playing Fortnite on Xbox too much. Not much logic to that argument there...

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