• Age: 38
    Minecraft name: dogchainx

    I used to play minecraft a lot, took a two year break, but now want to get back into it. I like to work on large group projects, but also play solo a lot for my own builds.

    I am very respectful of others and of the rules of the land (server).

    Here's the only video I know of of my very early work on a server. The server manager passed away in real life, and was such a nice guy everyone pitched together and made this memorial map for Hashmang. The giant pig-guy was his avatar on his server. 55 Second mark shows my (at the time) grand Parthenon dedication to "Hash", and inside is another Zeus-like avatar of Hash with dedicatory plaques with memories of Hash.

    55 second mark....

    I hope to be a valuable part of the server community. One of the main reasons I'd like to join this server is that it has Dynmap. I really like the isometric view of builds of the community, and the ability to have an overall look of the map and everyone's builds.

    If I am accepted, you'll probably find me first going off to a very distant part of the world as to not bother anyone with my own builds, but slowly helping out with any group projects we might want to accomplish.

  • Hi, I have reviewed you application. Everything seems to be all clear, Welcome to Stonebound friend. Hope to see you making some nice structures. :D

  • Thank you! I appreciate the trust and the approval. See you on the server!

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