• Hello Everyone!
    My name is Berkay and I am from Turkey. I am currently 15 years old, however will be turning 16 in July. (Hope thats not a problem) I found this server through the public servers section inside the modpack. I want to play in a whitelisted server because I think that there would be less lag, banned items and most importantly less griefing. I used to play a lot of Tekkit Classic back in the day when it was just called Tekkit, so I have some knowledge about mods in general. My favorite mods to play are Tinkers Construct, IndustrialCraft2 and Forestry, although I want to explore all of them. I love building computers and just messing around with technology in general. Also I have been doing Crossfit for just over one year. (nothing competitive, just as a hobby)
    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Hey Berkay! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You will not find griefers here nor banned items 🙂
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! 😄

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