• Age: 18
    Country: Canada
    Where did i find you?: ftbservers
    Bans/lying: None

    A close friend of mine showed me Minecraft a year after it was released and was hooked instantly. After a couple of months of play i started to get bored and moved onto other games like League of legends and World of Warcraft. I've played other modpacks like Infinity and Beyond. Hobbies i like to do irl are welding and binge watching Netflix. I like to play Team oriented games like RainbowSix Siege, Dota 2, League of legends and World of warcraft. I try to help people when I can which can be hard because I suck at modded. I look forward to playing modded in friendly server.


  • Hey Crimdallis! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! 😄

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