• Age: 19.
    Current Country: Mexico right across the border from Arizona.

    Well I found Stonebound through the public server list, I absolutley love the logo. I started playing minecraft with alot of friends back in the Alpha stage. After alpha we pirated it due to lack of money running servers off of any p2p network program. Stopped playing around 1.6 version it started to get too heavy for our computers to run, proceeded to league of legends I soon jumped to overwatch and saved up for a gaming pc and here I am. Modded minecraft always grabbed my attention, last modpack I played was unleashed and it was also on a whitelisted server, had an amazing time until server shutdown, we were all cool with it. Real life hobbies, I write music, skate and love drawing. Favorite mods? I love to explore all of em and have em work in unison however I feel more attracted to anything that can be automated. Never been banned from any server I tend to play till I reach a point of boredom just because i've achieved all of my goals. Hope you consider my app, good luck guys, see you soon!

  • Hey Amariomr! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! 😄

  • Thanks! Most def will be playing later, as soon as i get off work! Thank you hope to see you around!(:

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