• I am 15 years old. I currently live in the United States. I found you on the FTB Revelations Public Server list. I do not believe I have been banned, and if I have it was when I was like 12. I got into minecraft when I was younger as I watched minecraft youtube videos often, and then I just bugged my parents to buy it for me. I don't have a favorite mod although I always seem to migrate towards magic based mods. I recently haven't had anything to do, and I wanted to get back into minecraft so that I have something to pour all my free time into. I generally have cycling interest in minecraft, so I put hundreds of hours in something and then lose interest.

  • Staff

    Hey InuyashaGames

    Thank you for your interest in the server.

    There are a few decent magic mods in Rev. Astral sorcery is fun, along with classics like botania.

    I've gone ahead and added you to the white list, Hope to see you on the server soon!

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