• Age: 28.
    Country: USA.
    How did I find you: Google-foo.
    Bans: None that I can remember or was made aware of.

    I've been playing MC for a while. I love "kitchen sink" type modpacks. Monster and Yogscast Complete are (I think) my two favorite. I haven't played much since 1.7.10, so all this new stuff is pretty fresh and wonderful to me still. The early grind stage and exploring are my two favorite parts of the game, though maxing out mods and making large builds is a close second combo for me. I've been searching high and low for ATM3 servers, and it just doesn't seem that either a) there's the demand for them or b) no one has sorted out how to have them run semi-smoothly yet.

  • Staff

    "Google-foo" Love it, never heard the phrase but I'll be stealing it.

    Thanks for your interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the white list.

    Can't understand how you can "enjoy" the early grind, always been my least favorite part of the game, then again I've played far too many sky blocks.

    Anyhow, hope to see you on the server soon 🙂

  • The folks in the IT industry use that term pretty frequently (at least around here they do).

    Early grind is just cool to me because you can really see how quickly (and exponentially) growth starts to happen. I love exploring too: too many times have I found myself 5 hours into a new server and I'm still rummaging around looking for that sweet place to set up shop. I played Infinity Skyblock Expert to (effectively) completion, that was a struggle I don't plan to endure again. At least with packs like this you have greater freedom of variation.

    Thanks for the whitelist, I'm booting up the pack right now.

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