• Age: 18
    Current Country: USA
    How I found you: Recommended to join by a current player (Kandy453)
    Any history of bans or lying about age: Nothing at all
    Small synopsis of life: I started playing Minecraft about 5 years ago in the summer due to boredom with school. I started on a standard survival server that is still up, but rather underpopulated. Afterwards, I went to an RP server that has since gone down, but I met several really good friends, one of whom is the one who told me about this particular server. My favorite mod before it went down was Pixelmon. Aside from that, I like mods that add classes, races, etc to add a more roleplay type feeling to the game. My favorite hobby is generally just to play games with friends, though since I joined the USAF I have had a bit less time for that, unfortunately. Another of my top favorite things to do is to play Magic: The Gathering, a TCG that I have been hooked on since I was about 12. I mostly play EDH/Commander, and generally any color or combination of colors except for mono blue. My favorite game outside of this is Warframe, a sci-fi third-person shoot and slash game with a newly added open world area. I've always enjoyed games with a good story line and customization, and those two things were prominent in it. (GT is snakekeeper7 if anyone wants to add me to play).

  • Hey FallofAngels! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! 😄

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