• Hello! I'm TheFallenSmoke (smoke for short), my age is 21 will be 22 next month. I reside in the USA. I found this server/site through the public list on multiplayer. I've never been banned from any server maybe you'll be my first haha jokes aside, as a player I like to make massive farms or factories to see the maximum output I can obtain. I'm a very friendly person and like to help people who are in need if its killing something or the mechanics of mods. I been playing Minecraft since version 1.2.1 and modded in version 1.6.4.
    I mainly play Minecraft with my cousin BlastnBag, we also play other games such a league or legends, pubg, dont starve together, warcraft 3, and more. I'm into sports football (RAMS) and baseball (Dodgers)

  • Hey Smoke! Thank you for you interest in our community.
    Unfortunately due to your joker nature I had to ban you first... jk 😛 .
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! 😄

    Ps. No dirty jokes on global pls hahaha XD

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