• Hey my name is Chicken (ign ChickenSpoon) I am a 17 year-old high school senior in the US. I found the server via the public servers tab in minecraft. (idk what its called, that thing on the top right). I play League of Legends a lot (I am an ahri main atm if anyone is intrested) however I have been playing minecraft since middle school. I'm looking for a chill community that is easy-going but also has personality. I love watching foreign movies and TV shows (currently watch "la casa de papel" on Netflix, its ok) and having long gaming sessions with friends. My favorite mod is a toss up between Chisel and Thaumcraft.. I am a pretty big builder so Chisel comes in clutch and Thaumcraft is literally just infinate fun. I am studying computer science and plan on going to college for that.

    Yeah so thats me. But I wanna hear from you (if anyone is reading this lol) What is your favorite game atm? (excluding minecraft)

    Any further questions please contact me on discord: Splayy:7330

    ~Chicken \ (•◡•) /

  • Hey ChickenSpoon! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    We love passionate and "big" builders.
    Just added you to the whitelist. Have fun! 😄

  • Awesome! Thanks so much.
    But uhh cough cough u never answered the question! : P

    ~Chicken \ (•◡•) /

  • Right, excuse moi !. Elite, Elite Dangerous it is 😉

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