• Hello I am 18 and live in the USA. I found this server and thus website through the in game search. I've never been banned or kicked out. I am a med-core player who enjoys the grind and automation. I'm a gamer by passion and choice both video and board gaming in fact. My discord is Tazakinz20 #5118 if you have any further questions. And other media outlets will also be Tazakinz20. I may not respond immediately I do have two jobs. I try to be on a game every day when I'm not working. Please keep me in mind. This may of posted a bunch of times my bad.

  • Staff

    Hey Tazakin!

    Thank you for your interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.

    Try not to overwork yourself too much, hope to see you on the server soon.

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