• Age: 24 (25 later this month)

    Country: USA

    Where you found us: Revelations in-game public server list.

    Ban History: I've never been banned from any server that I'm aware of.

    Favorite Mod: Computercraft/opencomputers, I love being able to create programs to manage my base systems.

    About me: I am a massive Japanophile, I like a wide variety of music genres(edm is my favorite rn), and I love gaming in general. Though I'm not a big fan of pvp. I don't have an official job due to disability, but I do work for a streamer on the side as a community manager.

    I first discovered minecraft during it's alpha when it was 1$, thought it was just a little kids game at the time. Didn't actually jump on it until beta when the yogscast and other youtubers picked it up and the game started exploding in popularity. After that I got into modding then eventually in the early age of FTB when there were no admin tools available for it I made a public FTB server with the major pack of the time. Though I ended up running it for 2 years in the end it proved to be too much for one person to handle without any proper admin tools (I was working full time on it). I never was able to find staff. After that I stumbled upon a server that was actually teaching Japanese hosted by a university professor in japan, I jumped on that an ended up as staff there but after a while things got hectic irl and I had to quit. Now just recently I was able to upgrade my memory and I'm finally able to run new modpacks again. So here I am looking for a good community to hang out with and learn a new modpack.

  • Helper

    Hello shakey, and welcome to our community!
    You've been white-listed, enjoy getting back into modded Minecraft on Stonebound.
    Looking forward to having you, see you around!

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