• Hello, I am 16 years of age currently and I will be 17 in February of this year. The country I currently reside in is the United States and I found you on the public server list of FTB Revelations. I've been playing Minecraft since shortly after the launch of beta 1.8 ( 6 years ago) and I have been playing modded for a little less than 5, I have been banned from 2 servers, hypixel and shotbow, both because I teamed on minigames were it was disallowed. The first modpack I played was the yogbox complete pack I believe. If i were to pick my favorite mod would be blood magic because it scales from a dingy cutting party in the basement of your house to basically draconic evolution light, becoming a god of blood, invincible as long as you perform sacrifices to prolong your life. If I were to pick an older mod however it would have to be equivalent exchange 2, it was the OG for me back in the day, turning useless dirt and cobble from your quarries into diamonds, creating black and red matter tools that destroyed a mountain in 2-3 hits, and eventually once again becoming a god, shaping terrain with the click of a button and the like. The reason I'm applying to this server, in particular, is that after all this time, I've gotten a little burned out on Minecraft, modded and vanilla, and I'm looking for a wholesome server to chill on and immerse myself in the community, this is aided by the fact that the mods and staff seem to give a damn about the players that come on.

    In summary, im looking for a chill, non-toxic atmosphere to zone out, break some blocks, and build some empires.


  • In clarification, I teamed on those servers due to playing with a cousin of mine, I only joined those servers due to the idea of playing together. I believe in any game it should not be outlawed for friends to work together, and minigames should prepare for this outcome, not punish its participators.

  • Helper

    Heya Nolan!
    Thanks a lot for your application, we've added you to our white-list.
    Hope you have a nice return to Minecraft and find some nice people to hang out with.
    Join in anytime, see you soon!

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