• I am 19 years of age. The country I currently live in is Canada. I and a friend were looking around for a chill server to play the FTB Revelation modpack on and he came across your server and mentioned it to me. So that's how I found out about you guys. I've been playing Minecraft for just over 4 years now and been playing modpacks for three. The first modpack I ever played was Attack of the B-Team. I've been a mod and administrator on multiple modded servers in the past couple years. Currently I am not staff anywhere as those are far back servers that died off a while ago, that and I've grown tired of the duties of an administrator and would just like a quiet place to chill and play modded minecraft with friends, or friends to be. As per the friend that referred me here, he has already been whitelisted on the server and I'm looking to join him. From what I've heard from him and seen through your forums while I was taking a quick look around your community seems calm and chill.

  • Helper

    Heyo DoomBringer!
    Thanks for dropping by and applying, I've added you to our white-list.
    Hope you enjoy chilling out with our community, looking forward to meeting you!

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