• Age: 16

    Country: Polish living in the UK

    History of bans: Only received 1 ban playing Minecraft which occurred on the Fiddly Craft server for Attack of the B-team (that server has died many years ago) the ban occurred with me having problems with plots and the staff running the server at the time (not all of them)

    Extra information: Started Minecraft years ago (1.2.5 or lower if i recall) played the game on multiple setups such as laptops and office computers, since then i built a gaming rig to handle any type of pack, I don't only play Minecraft (huge league fan) but i enjoy the game and tight communities formed within the game. My favourite mods would have to be Applied Energistics (1 not 2, too complicated for my taste :P) and Witchery, this choice has grown on me since i spent many years playing Voltz and B-team/Infinity. My favourite things to do in game would have to be grinding and progressing, building not so much because i suck at that. I usually build underground to avoid the need to make stuff fancy. Would be happy to join a small community to chill out with when I'm tilting on league or when I'm in a lazy mood.

    Happy to hear back from you guys!

  • Helper

    Hey CheatingWaifu,
    thanks for your interest, you're whitelisted, welcome to Stonebound.
    Hope you'll be having a blast living in the undergrounds of our servers, see you soon!

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