• Age: 19
    Country: New Zealand

    Hi! I have recently returned to playing mine craft after a few years of on/off playing while at university and have recently decided I wanted to get back to playing one of my favorite old mod packs FTB Ultimate. Only problem is Most servers are filled with random annoying kids who just lag the servers, Solution? Try join a white listed server with an actual community!

    Things about me:
    I Spent A LOT of time playing Mine craft in 2013-2015 and most of that was playing modded.
    I am about to start my third year at university studying Computer Science.
    I Was apart of the national championship fencing team for foil for 4 years in a row!

    Thanks for your consideration and i hope youll have me on the server :)

  • I Thought it might be good to include some of my experience with mod packs and playing on servers. I have played on a vast range of servers with an equal vast range of mod packs, One of such servers was Ender craft, A server that was popularized by the mine craft you tuber direwolf20. Playing on this server easily sucked up hundreds of hours and is probably my most played on server as at this time I was still learning the basics of mods such as build craft and industrial craft. Most recently I returned to join a tekkit classic server Complex gaming where I Completed basically everything to do on the server within a week of joining.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Staff

    Heyo Deafremix,
    thanks a lot for your application and insights to your past experiences!
    I've added you to our white-list, so feel free to join us whenever you like.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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