• Age: 16
    IGN: BeastJrThunder
    Country: United States

    Hello, Stonebound! After finding out about this server, I would love to join. I got into Minecraft a few years ago. It quickly became on of my favorite and most played games because of the variety of things to do in the game. Ranging from vanilla, which kept my interest for a good amount of time, to servers, where I had fun playing mini games and other activities with my friends. However, this gets boring after a while, as I'm sure you probably know. I quickly delved into the realm of the modded community and fell in love. There were so many things to do at a given time. A little more about myself: I play many different games at a time. Right now I'm really into league of legends; my main role is adc/mid and I really like playing xerath. Another game I have played a lot recently is Path of Exile. A free game on steam, Path of Exile has appealed to me greatly since I like the genre of RPGs (this is also why some of my favorite Minecraft servers are dungeon realms and wynncraft).
    Anyways, I learned about this server through my friend that actually recently applied. His name is kip11111 and he got accepted shortly after he replied. I would love to play with him, since he told me to apply for this server. Minecraft is as much a community and multiplayer game as it is a singleplayer game.

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  • Helper

    Hey BeastJr,
    I've added you to our white-list, enjoy playing with us and of course your friend kip.
    See you around!

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