• My name is Brandon and I have been playing since the beta. I'm 17 years old and live in California. I first started playing after watching my brother playing then he got me into it after that. My favorite mod packs for Minecraft would have to be Hexxit and Tekkit. I really enjoy the adventure and building aspects of Minecraft. I haven't been banned from any servers nor plan on it. When I play I usually just go mine and I also really enjoy to build cool buildings and structures. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the game!

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    Hey Brandon, thanks for your interest, however, I suggest that you could add a bit more to your application. I know that 5 sentences is technically the minimum, but we prefer to see that people care about joining us and show that they put a bit of effort into their introduction. I'm happy to reconsider after you talked a bit more about yourself.

  • I have been looking for a Minecraft community to join for a while. My friends and I sometimes host our own small servers with mods like tekkit or tekkit classic. We always have wanted to play with a bigger group of people though. I play other games like Guitar Hero, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. However none of those game have the same feeling as Minecraft. You don't have the freedom do build anything or just go out and adventure the huge world. When I saw this server had FTB I got pretty exited due to seeing Syndicate play it on one of his YouTube videos. Hopefully this meets your expectations and thanks for reconsidering me :).

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    Added you to the white-list, welcome aboard!

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