• Hi there, I'm Mitch, 18 years old, just chillin post HSC in Aus and looking for a Rev server that allows most items cause I really enjoy that endgame autoamtion that is possible in FTB. Lookin forward to playing on a smaller server so we can sleep when we want 🙂 Me and my friend really enjoy playing FTB (he'll come later) and I hope I can have some good chats and fun times with you guys as well.
    Edit: Guess I need a bit more then aha, I'm an active player, playing a couple hours everyday when League of Legends gets boring. Ive been really annoyed about the lack of Revelation servers that are convenient (in terms of ping and banned items) and would love to play some Rev. I've never been banned from any server, I am always respectful and friendly and highly experienced, been playing MC modpacks since Tekkit Classic

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    Hello Mitch, thanks for your interest, however, I suggest that you could add a bit more to your application. I know that 5 sentences is technically the minimum, but we prefer to see that people care about joining us and show that they put a bit of effort into their introduction. I'm happy to reconsider after you talked a bit more about yourself.

  • Sorry bout that hope this should be enough, it must be worth the effort haha

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    Cool, thanks. Welcome to our community!
    Feel free to join anytime.

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