• Age:17
    IGN: kip11111
    Country: United States of America
    My name is Dennison omg 17 years old and just graduated highschool. I’m into coding and various games. I’ve been playing Minecraft since the 7th grade. I haven't been able to play any Minecraft because my computer broke a while back. I’ve never been banned on a modded sever before. Been on multiple looking for a good community to play with I don’t work so I have many hours to dedicate thank your for taking the time to read my application. And i also have a discord if needed.

  • Helper

    hey kip, thanks for your interest, however, I suggest that you could add a bit more to your application. I know that 5 sentences is technically the minimum, but we prefer to see that people care about joining us and show that they put a bit of effort into their introduction. I'm happy to reconsider after you talked a bit more about yourself.

  • Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to redo/add more on to my application. Other games I play include enter the gungeon, nuclear throne and league of legends my favorite champion is rumble. I’m into all type of sports ranging from soccer to basketball to lacrosse my favorite team are the Celtics. These are a few things about me. I’m really looking forward to on playing a server with people who are nice mature and always welcoming . My favorite feed the beast mod pack has to be infinity I played on a server back then and it was the best summer a 8th grade kid could of had back then. My main reasoning behind wanting to join is I want to have a great laid back experience with some nice people but thank you again for taking my application into consideration hope I get accepted.

  • Helper

    Alright! You're on the white-list.
    Hope you have fun playing with us!

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