• Hello, I'm Dillon, and I am 18 years old. I currently am living in the United States. I do not have a history of bans as far as I can remember. I have experience in Minecraft that dates as far back as when you had to hit the shift key to shoot arrows, so pretty much before I would have been able to really consciously register that I am playing "Minecraft" and what not. One of my favorite mods would have to be Thaumcraft, as I feel it is one of the most creative and mind-exercising mods I have ever played, second favorite would have to be Project E/ The Equivalent Exchange mod, as it gives me the freedom in survival mode especially to build like I am in creative mode, and gives me items that take away my "fear of the night". In real life, I am mostly sedentary and take on small hobbies, I recently took up C# coding in Unity as I am taking a class based on it. I am a person who focuses on a small group of close friends and building a relationship with them; these friends describing me as creative, honest, and "a pretty chill dude".

  • Helper

    Hello Dillon, and welcome to our community!
    You're on the white-list, so feel free to join us anytime, we are always happy to welcome pretty chill dudes, I guess.
    Anyway, see you in game!

    ps. you've been banned like 6 years ago (no big deal) and wrote a touching story about it. It was kinda cute ^-^

  • @simibubi Awesome! I'll probably join in later today or something, also, do you mind linking me to this? I'd like to know what 12 year old me did all those years ago.

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