JoeOtaku & Ponyill

  • IGN: JoeOtaku
    Age: 18
    Country: Canada
    Reason for applying: Looking for a server with friendly community to enjoy ftb, as I find single player ftb to be a bit boring at times.
    I first started playing ftb since the days of 1.4.7 with the ultimate pack. I usually use tech mods more, never got into magic mods in any detail. I am not a very talented builder, but still love to build complex structures where there are chances to do so. I love how the mods in ftb packs fit and work so well together, which creates infinite possibilities for doing virtually anything.

    If it is okey, I would also like to submit an application for my friend.

    IGN: ponyill
    Age: 20
    Country: Right now he is in Canada, but would return to Taiwan or mainland China in around a month's time.
    Reason for applying: He just started playing modded Minecraft, and would like to find a server with a great community to maybe help along the way.

  • Staff

    We've gone ahead and whitelisted you both.
    I hope that you and your friend enjoy our community!

    As a side note, while having a forum account isn't mandatory, your friend may want to consider making one as we have many open discussions and announcements on the forums about new and upcoming events.

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