• Age: 18
    Country: United States
    No history of bans (on Minecraft not lying about my age for this)
    I got into minecraft because it was the hype game for a while, so I bought it for my bro and I to play together.
    I would say that my favorite mod is tinker's construct, I just love how you have the ability to customize your own items and being able to personalize it and upgrade it overtime.
    I've stopped playing minecraft for about a year I would say. I mainly come and go to play on modpacks as they usually get updated when I come back. I see Stonebound has a revelations server and I really want to try it out.
    I do hope that I am able to join this, as it looks like it could be a promising community to join.
    Thanks for reading this
    - Lv3Ninja

  • Helper

    Hey ninja, and welcome to our community!
    You've been whitelisted, have fun checking out revelations on our server.
    See you around!

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