• Age: 14
    Country: Thaland / UK
    I've never lied about my age. A lot of people always say i'm much mature than my own age.
    I am well mannered and a nice person to talk to.
    I got into Minecraft when it started becoming very popular.
    My favourite mods i would say are all of them because they are so interesting and fun to try them.
    My favourite thing to do in Minecraft is always to play with other people. I hate playing in single player. If i am interested in playing any modpack i would always try to search if they have servers for the modpack or not.
    My favourite things to do in life is video making, editing, photography, digital art, designing.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    I hope you enjoy our servers, we rotate packs pretty regularly and definitely launch servers as popular packs come out, so you'll always have at least one community to go to. 🙂

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