• Username: Xirema
    Year of Birth: 1991 (Age 26)
    Country: USA
    Never been Banned before or lied about my age. I've only been on a few servers in the past though (last server I was on was called Oils of Oasis, which is defunct now)

    I got into Minecraft around the time that it entered Alpha, and a number of people in my college classes were showing off the redstone mechanics, and how they (relatively faithfully) behaved like basic boolean logic. That was my initial hook into the game: making rediculously complex contraptions using redstone, and later using the various things that got added (pistons, dispensers, etc.).

    With modded Minecraft, I think in general my favorite Mod is Industrialcraft, but there are so many other mods that I tend to use in conjunction (Thermal Dynamics for logistics, Tinkers' Construct for tools, etc.) that it's a little unfair to only name it. I also really love the Bee Breeding mechanics from Forestry, combined with the genetic engineering aspects added on from stuff like Binnie's Mods or Gendustry, though I actually don't have experience with Gendustry.

  • Staff

    Hello Xirema,
    thanks for your interest, I added you to the white-list.
    Looking forward to having you on the community, see you soon!

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