Samsel's Wondrous Application of Mysticality

  • Hello, Everyone!

    My name's Sam, and I'm really interested in joining you guys!

    Minecraft has always been my "home base"... the game I always come back to.
    I've played the game since it first entered beta and have played modded since its onset as well.
    After the Minecraft modding community became really stable and consistent, I started up a YouTube channel around the game, and initially it was pretty hilarious how different the video production quality was then from what it has become.
    I'm not a naturally nervous person, so I always loved the interaction with my viewers and the way I could share my passion for the game with other people like me.
    Recently, with my new job, YouTube has faded away due to the post-recording workload, and I do a lot of streaming on Twitch instead.

    Anyways! As for my favorite mod ever made in Minecraft to date, Applied Energistics 2 has to take the cake. I know the mod inside and out, and I love the concepts behind its versatility and the parallels it makes to real computers and how they work.
    A short second is Equivalent Exchange 3. It has quite simple elements, yet it's still so exciting to get that first condenser made up!

    I love playing Minecraft with friends and sharing the experience with the whole server. My mode of operation has always been to include all in the fun and really make spectacular creations together. I'd love to join you guys and offer my game expertise and lightweight attitude to the community!

    Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to meet you all!

  • Staff

    Hey Sam!
    thanks for your application, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list.
    Enjoy spending time with our community, I'm sure you will fit in nicely and see it as a worthy 'home base' to come back to.
    See you around!

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