• Greetings 🙂 I'm 38 years old, not married but being with the same amazing woman for 21 years by now. We've got 2 kids... but when I say "kids" I have to grin myself because they are 19 and 16 already 😁 I'm playing Minecraft since earliest stages of the game, long before I heard anything about FTB. I must admit, vanilla Minecraft at that time got boring pretty fast. As soon as you've got diamond armor there was nothing more to do. The following years I came back from time to time and was pleased about the development. Nonetheless it was not enough to get me hooked for more than a few days. This changed with FTB Infinity Evolved. I played the expert mode for many many months for it had so much awesome content. Recordings about me lying about my age or bans or whatever evil deeds you won't find because I've never been assigned to any Minecraft server at all. I'm a Minecraft multiplayer virgin I have to admit 😊 Almost forgot to mention I'm born, raised and living in Germany :flag_de:

  • Helper

    Hallo, Ghio!
    I've gone ahead and added you to the white-list, let's see how your first multiplayer experiences turn out. :3
    Whether you look for a group to team up with or play by yourself and just chat with people, you're always welcome to play on our servers. See you around!

  • Thank you 🙂 A bit interaction would be pretty nice. It was the only thing that I missed in my long stay within Infinity Evolved. Not at first but more and more as time passed by.

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