• Hello, I am looking to join this fine community and play with these people. My current age is 14, I live in the United States and don't have any bans. I like to play modded Minecraft, but it gets boring fast without other people, which is the main reason I want to be allowed into this community. In my opinion I believe I can be a bit mature for my age, but I still like to have fun and mess around. I am not one for griefing builds or anything. Playing by myself get boring and old fast like I said and I believe I could make some new friends in this servers community.

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, we have decided to decline your application.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

  • I have 2 questions, the first of which is why I was rejected and the second is can I re-apply later? (3-4 days)

  • Staff

    We are much stricter on considering users that are under the age of 16, and unfortunately don't feel that you have displayed as much maturity as we would like to see in underage applicants.
    You are welcome to reapply in a year if you show that you have matured significantly in that time.
    Otherwise, you may reapply when you turn 16, at which time we will be much leaner on your application.

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