• Hey there!

    New pack out and thought id look into joining a whitelist server & play with a small to mid size community!

    little bit about me, I'm 32, minecraft is my jam, and a little hobbie for voxel and 3d modelling, as well as textures and other pixel art related content. I'm Canadian, easy going, and just looking play and work on my youtube content, modding content, and build cool stuff.

    As for Bans, Can't say I remember being banned at anytime for foul play or anything. I tend to not mess with others, would kind of make me irritated if it was done to me. Any ways, looking for a decent modded server with this new FTB pack, and to work on my youtube content.

    If you would like to see my artwork, game design contract stuff, illustrations, etc. you can check out my artstation if you like 🙂

    As for when I started playing minecraft? probably when it first popped up on the TIGsource blog before the halloween update. so from the beginning basically.

    Favorite mods would be chisel & bits, Tabula, Custom NPCs, and decocraft. I like making stuff, So those are the favorites at the moment.

    Currently working on a dungeon designer mod thing for some custom maps im doing in single player. basically creating blocks that only can be destroyed in creative, but set for players to run through custom dungeons. features would include random, respawning loot tables in custom chests so players can run them again and again, trap systems like pit spikes, moving obstacles, key doors, projectile switches, and if I can figure it out, pushable blocks that move onto pressure plates. Basically I want to replicate a lot of the dungeon crawling mechanics from old zelda games and action rpg's.

    time will tell.

    Anyways! thats a mouthful. Just looking for a decent community, build some good stuff, and chill. If you want anymore info, let me know.

    also, here is a sci fi crate i did for an unfinished resource pack thingy I was working on. cheers!


  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    Interested in seeing what you create. 😉

  • thanks! see you soon!

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