• Hi! I'm Solar. I'm 23 and from the good ole USA. I've never been banned nor have I ever lied about my age. I started playing when I was 16; beta 1.6, right before the first major update. I had just gotten used to the game mechanics and they completely changed everything in beta 1.8! The hunger system, textures, new trees, and biomes were all easy enough to get used to but they took away the rapid-fire bow! It was horrible. That's about the time when I stopped playing on servers and started using creative mode to play with Redstone contraptions. I got pretty darn good with it. Then, I got bored.
    When the official release came out my senior year, (IIRC) I played every spare moment I had until I finally got to The End. After I was dropped right back at my spawn point from an hour-long battle with a DRAGON in Minecraft, I had never been more dissatisfied with anything in my entire life. After a long break from the game, I joined the MinecraftForums and discovered the world of modding. It blew me away and I dove right back into the game full force. I even made tutorials for youtube on how to install mods using the most unintuitive modding OS ever created, OSX. It was such a pain but it was possible and I kept the Mac Minecrafters up to date with all their modding concerns.
    These days I just look for mature servers to play modded Minecraft on and occasionally stream on Twitch. Thanks for your consideration!

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    Hey Solar!
    Thanks for your interest and the short summary of your minecraft career. :3
    I agree that fighting the Dragon didn't have much of a purpose in vanilla back then, at least they have added the end cities now..
    Anyway, I put you on our white-list, enjoy playing with our community!

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